Click here to report damage and/or apply for a prorated refund of property taxes for residential dwellings rendered uninhabitable by Hurricane Ian.

Your Tax Roll Value Letter is now available for single family residences and mobile/manufactured homes.

Use the Quick Search below to find your parcel, and select Parcel Details from the links on the search results page. From the Property Data page, create the Letter using the link in the Current Working Values section.
Please Note: Some properties will not have a Tax Roll Value Letter. For more information, please see the question: “Why doesn’t this parcel have a Tax Roll Value Letter" in our FAQs.

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Search for and display detailed information about Real Property. Information available includes ownership, sales, prior STRAP, property use, land and building details, aerial photography, and TRIM (Proposed Tax) Notices.

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Display list of parcels associated with your account. If you do not have a user account, you will be given the opportunity to create one.
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Search the Tangible Property Database by STRAP# (Parcel ID) - OR - Business Name - OR - Business Site Address - OR - Tangible Personal Property Account Number.
Online Reports
A flexible reporting service providing user generated reports in a variety of formats. Reports include detailed parcel listings, sales listings, and a report by Subdivision. Results can be exported to a number of standard file formats.

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