Institutional Exemption Reaffirmation

If you have received an Exemption Reaffirmation postcard from our Office, you are eligible to use the On-line Reaffirmation process. Below is some additional information and instructions about the process.

What is an Exemption Reaffirmation? An Exemption Reaffirmation is the renewal application that allows you to requalify for the exemption without submitting all the documents requested with the original application. It is usually a statement certified under oath that there has been no change in the ownership and use of the property. If there are changes to the property, its ownership or the use of the property, you may be required to submit additional information.

Why do you have to do this? Once you have applied and have been granted certain tax exemptions, you are required to reapply each year. See FL Statute 196.011

What are the consequences for not reapplying? If you do not reaffirm (reapply) by March 1st, the exemption can be denied for that year. You may also have to complete a new application to receive the exemption.

What you will need to reaffirm your Institutional Exemption:
  • Business account numbers for tangible personal property accounts
  • STRAP number(s) or site address(es) for all real property owned
  • Contact mailing address, phone number and email
  • The exempt use of each parcel
  • If real property is leased, square footage of leased area
  • A account. If you do not have a account, you can create one by clicking on the Continue link below. If you already have an account, clicking on the Continue link will allow you to sign in.
Instructions to reaffirm your Institutional Exemption:
  1. Select the Property/Account(s) you wish to reaffirm and associate them to your account.

    If you do not have all the properties you need to reaffirm already associated with your account, click the Add Button button to add them. Then choose how you would like to search for the property. Real property searches include: Owner Name, Business Name, Site Address and STRAP. Account is used only for Tangible Personal Property. Please select the parcel/account(s) you wish to reaffirm from your search results list. Then click the Add Button to associate it to your account. Repeat as many times as necessary to associate all the real property parcels and the tangible accounts you wish to reaffirm.

    Please note: The parcels and tangible accounts associated with your account will be saved and will remain with your account until they are removed. This will allow you to complete future Reaffirmations and any other on-line services we offer.

  2. Once you have associated all the parcels/accounts, you will need to complete the reaffirmation form. Check the box to the left of the property and click the Next to go to the Reaffirmation form.
  3. The form appears with the appropriate STRAP/Account and some additional information at the top. Complete the remainder of the form and click the Next button. You will not be allowed to continue the process unless you complete all the required fields.
  4. You then have the opportunity to confirm your submission and finish the process by clicking the Finish button at the bottom. A confirmation page will appear and be sent to your designated email address. If you have additional parcels/accounts to reaffirm, click the Affirm Another Parcel/Account button and repeat Steps 3 and 4 until all properties/accounts have been reaffirmed.

If you have several properties or have issues with the on-line process, please email or phone (888) 721-0510.

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