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Soon the Property Appraiser’s Office will be mailing the 2019 Income and Expense Survey to businesses in Lee County. The following is included with the mailings and explains what the Office is doing to measure the impact on commercial values in the County.

Red Tide, Blue-Green Algae and the Potential Impact on Commercial Property Value

There have been questions posed to our office over the past year regarding how red tide and blue-green algae occurrences during 2018 are going to impact the 2019 commercial property values in Lee County. As we prepare to begin work on the 2019 tax roll, we will be taking into consideration the adverse impact that your commercial property may have experienced during 2018 due to the effects of red tide and blue-green algae blooms.

One of the best methods for us to determine how these occurrences have impacted the value of commercial property within Lee County is through your participation in providing us data. By submitting the enclosed 2019 Income & Expense Survey as soon as you are able, you and others are providing important information needed for our analysis and are assisting us in our effort to recognize and accurately reflect any market impact these events had on value. As to your individual parcel, if you feel your circumstances are unique, please consider providing us with both your 2017 and your 2018 income information. This will allow us to look at your individual parcel and compare it to the market and determine whether or not your property is performing inline with the market.

As always, the goal of our office is to provide fair and equitable assessments for your property; please assist us in making sure that we are able to accurately reflect any impact the red tide and blue-green algae blooms may have on the value of your commercial property.

Here are some helpful websites as we move forward.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office.

Use the above Application link to complete the form using your computer. When you are finished, simply print and sign it. Then mail the signed original to our office at the address provided on the form.

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