Due to Hurricane Ian, the Lee County Property Appraiser's Office is currently CLOSED. We are working hard to get back up and running and will reopen when conditions permit.

For those of you that were impacted by the hurricane and have hurricane damage, you may tell us about your property damage by using this hurricane reporting link. You may also directly upload photos and other information here.

Once our office is operational we will respond to you and let you know what we will be doing with this information.

Change Mailing Address


If you change the mailing address (required for assessment/information notices/tax bill mailing) of your homestead property from the actual site address to an address other than a P.O. Box or to "care of" another individual & mailing address, YOUR HOMESTEAD WILL BE CANCELLED. It is the responsibility of each property owner to verify their exemption status annually to ensure they are receiving any exemption(s) to which they are entitled. Please carefully review the Truth In Millage Notice (TRIM Notice) mailed to all taxpayers each August to verify assessment/information exemption status, or contact the Property Appraiser's office.

Any changes to "Owner's Name", other than spelling corrections, cannot be requested online.

To change the address for multiple parcels, log in to your account. There you can select any of the parcels associated with your account and change the address.

Address changes are effective for the current tax roll but may not affect outstanding taxes. To ensure all taxes on your account(s) are paid, please contact the Lee County Tax Collector at www.leetc.com or (239) 533-6000.

By submitting information through this service, you are stating that you are the owner of record and/or the responsible party for the account whose information will be changed and that the information given is true, full and correct to the best of your knowledge and belief. Adjustments to accounts are made in accordance with the Florida Statutes and Florida Department of Revenue, Rules and Regulations.

Site address:
902 SE 26TH ST

Current mailing address:
902 SE 26TH ST
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