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2017 Storm and Flooding Information

We have started the process of contacting homeowners that may have been affected by the flooding and storms we experienced in 2017. If you still have damage and have not received a letter from our office, please email us at Taxroll@leepa.org, call Tabatha Hipp at (239) 533-6125 or fax your information to (239) 533-6160. We appreciate your assistance.

Be sure to check here frequently for updated information.

December 11, 2017

Dear Property Owner:

As the year comes to a close, we are reminded that we’ve gone through significant weather events including flooding and a hurricane. Irma caused widespread damage to Lee County. Hurricane and non-hurricane related flooding in various places in the County left people without homes. We hope that you’ve been able to return to some sense of normalcy over the last few months and wish you well as you continue to recover.

Part of our job at the property appraiser’s office is to be sure that we’ve identified any issues that may impact your property’s value. You are receiving this letter because we have information that your property may have been damaged by Hurricane Irma and/or flooding during 2017 and we want to be sure that we’ve accounted for that damage during our 2018 valuation process. Unrepaired damage on the assessment date of January 1st may impact the value of your property. In the near future, our Field Analysts will be doing exterior inspections to update our records and determine if your property continues to have damage.

With this letter we are also asking for your assistance. As we do not do interior inspections, if you have interior damage or damage that would not be visible during our field inspection, please notify us. Please provide us with photos, insurance claim reports, and any other documentation which may help us best reflect the condition of your property. Enclosed is a self-addressed stamped envelope for your convenience. If you prefer, please fax or email us using the contact information provided below.

Additionally, I have been in touch with our local legislative delegation regarding introducing taxpayer relief assistance. Should legislation providing relief be passed, I will work to help implement a process that will assist those affected. Please check our website at www.leepa.org for updates.

We appreciate your assistance in providing us with all requested information and if you have any questions or need additional information, please email us at Taxroll@leepa.org, call Tabatha Hipp at (239) 533-6125 or fax to (239) 533-6160, and she’ll be happy to assist you with the process.


Kenneth M. Wilkinson, CFA
Lee County Property Appraiser

September 22, 2017


Our hearts and wishes for a speedy recovery go out to all those affected by Hurricane Irma. We are currently evaluating damage county-wide from Hurricane Irma. In the coming days we will be contacting affected homeowners and providing resources on this web site for reporting damage and remediation on your parcels. We will provide additional information regarding Hurricane Irma response as it becomes available. Check back on our web site frequently for updates and instructions regarding reporting any damages you may have experienced.

As Hurricane Irma occurred during our TRIM period, please know that although deadlines for formal value challenges may have passed, we will continue to work with and address and resolve your concerns regarding the valuation of your property.

We are here to serve you!


Kenneth M. Wilkinson, CFA
Lee County Property Appraiser

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