Property List Generator

The List Generator allows you to build a list of parcels based on one or more property attributes and ranges of values for those attributes. You may then view details of each individual parcel in the resulting list.

Start the List Generator by choosing one or more Selection Criteria:

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Range of STRAP (Parcel) Numbers (Enter no dashes(-) or decimals(.))
Street Name (ex: SW 59TH ST   (LN, BLVD,TER, AVE) All of Lee County
City of Bonita Springs (all)
City of Cape Coral (all)
City of Fort Myers (all)
Town of Fort Myers Beach (all)
City of Sanibel (all)

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Property Attributes:
Owner Name
Assessed Value
Sale Price
Number of Bedrooms
Number of Bathrooms

Detail Attributes:
View Building Details
View 1998 Aerial Photograph