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STRAP: 21-44-25-P2-00100.0210  Folio ID: 10254123
Generated on 7/18/2024 5:19 PM
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PINE CREST PB 5 PG 3 PT LOT 21 W 160 FT OF E 4/5
View Recorded Plat at - Use this link to do an Official Records search on the Lee County Clerk of Courts website, using 5 and 3 for the book and page numbers.
Attributes and Location Details
Total Bedrooms / Bathrooms 0
Gross Building Area Gross Building Area Information 6,000
1st Year Building on Tax Roll 1st year on the tax roll information 1985
Historic Designation No

Township Range Section Block Lot
44 25E 21
Municipality Latitude Longitude
City of Fort Myers 26.63954 -81.81505

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Last Inspection Date: 05/01/2023
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TRIM Notices Tax YearJustLandMarket AssessedCapped AssessedExemptionsClassified UseTaxable
2024 (Not Yet Certified)221,414129,126221,414189,17000189,170
2023 / Additional Info 2023 (Final Value)192,540129,126192,540171,97300171,973
2022 / Additional Info 2022 (Final Value)156,339101,693156,339156,33900156,339
2021 / Additional Info 2021 (Final Value)147,247101,693147,247147,24700147,247
2020 / Additional Info 2020 (Final Value)145,823101,693145,823145,82300145,823
2019 / Additional Info 2019 (Final Value)146,271101,693146,271146,27100146,271
2018 / Additional Info 2018 (Final Value)143,191101,693143,191143,19100143,191
2017 / Additional Info 2017 (Final Value)143,207101,693143,207143,20700143,207
2016 2016 (Final Value)171,603130,469171,603171,60300171,603
2015 2015 (Final Value)168,991130,469168,991168,99100168,991
2014 2014 (Final Value)174,163130,469174,163174,16300174,163
2013 2013 (Final Value)174,179130,469174,179174,17900174,179
2012 2012 (Final Value)174,195130,469174,195174,19500174,195
2011 2011 (Final Value)261,693130,469261,693261,69300261,693
2010 2010 (Final Value)305,498130,469305,498305,49800305,498
2009 (Final Value)382,630173,960382,630382,63000382,630
2008 (Final Value)469,670268,160469,670469,67000469,670
2007 (Final Value)469,770268,2600469,77000469,770
2006 (Final Value)393,760184,8300393,76000393,760
2005 (Final Value)344,60065,2300344,60000344,600
2004 (Final Value)233,75036,9700233,75000233,750
2003 (Final Value)176,87036,9700176,87000176,870
2002 (Final Value)271,49036,9700271,49000271,490
2001 (Final Value)277,56036,9700277,56000277,560
2000 (Final Value)226,78036,9700226,78000226,780
1999 (Final Value)210,64036,9700210,64000210,640
1998 (Final Value)214,74036,9700214,74000214,740
1997 (Final Value)220,01036,9700220,01000220,010
1996 (Final Value)222,95036,9700222,95000222,950
1995 (Final Value)227,39036,9700227,39000227,390
1994 (Final Value)231,84036,9700231,84000231,840
1993 (Final Value)197,60036,9700197,60000197,600
1992 (Final Value)204,87036,9700204,87000204,870

The Just value is the total parcel assessment (less any considerations for the cost of sale). This is the closest value to Fair Market Value we produce and is dated as of January 1st of the tax year in question (F.A.C. 12D-1.002).

The Land value is the portion of the total parcel assessment attributed to the land.

The Market Assessed value is the total parcel assessment (less any considerations for the cost of sale) based upon the assessment standard. Most parcels are assessed based either upon the Highest and Best Use standard or the Present Use standard (F.S. 193.011) . For Agriculturally Classified parcels (or parts thereof), only agricultural uses are considered in the assessment (F.S. 193.461 (6) (a)). The difference between the Highest and Best Use/Present Use and the Agricultural Use is often referred to as the Agricultural Exemption.
(i.e. Market Assessed = Just - Agricultural Exemption)

The Capped Assessed value is the Market Assessment after any Save Our Homes or 10% Assessment Limitation cap is applied. This assessment cap is applied to all properties and limits year-to-year assessment increases to either the Consumer Price Index or 3%, whichever is lower for Homestead properties OR 10% for non-Homestead properties.

The Exemptions value is the total amount of all exemptions on the parcel.

The Taxable value is the Capped Assessment after exemptions (Homestead, etc.) are applied to it. This is the value that most taxing authorities use to calculate a parcel's taxes.
(i.e. Taxable = Capped Assessed - Exemptions)

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21-44-25-P1-00100.0210 N/A Reserved for Renumber ONLY N/A
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