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Defective Drywall Information

We require updated documentation be provided from property owners before we can determine the impact to property values due to the existence of defective drywall. Documentation must meet either the Florida DOH confirmation or the CPSC corroborating evidence guidelines:



If you have any questions, see our Defective Drywall Frequently Asked Questions, contact us at (239) 533-6125 or email Chinesedrywall@leepa.org.

    • Dear Property Owner:

      A home you own was previously classified by this Office as being impacted by defective drywall. If you believe the defective drywall is still present in your home as of January 1, 2019 and you want us to consider that in valuing your property, please be advised that we have updated our procedures for the tax year 2019.

      The State of Florida Department of Health has published guidelines for confirming the existence of defective drywall in homes (Criteria 3). This office will utilize the DOH confirmation process to guide us as to whether there was defective drywall in your home on January 1, 2019.

      This change in policy is to ensure we treat your property fairly and equitably in the valuation process. Please be advised that previous inspection reports that you have submitted do not meet the DOH confirmation guidelines. For more information, please review the confirmation guidelines at


      Alternatively, we will accept the published Corroboration Evidence from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) listed in Step 2. Those guidelines can be found here:


      Each of the confirmation guidelines requires outside lab testing. Once you have confirmed the existence of defective drywall, provide us with a copy of the positive test results.

      For the 2019 valuation, we’ll review sales of defective drywall parcels if sales are available. In addition, we’ll consider the “Fallon” and CPSC remediation guidelines if you provide us with a certified Florida contractor’s estimate to remediate. Please seek out a qualified contractor familiar with those guidelines. Also, if you have any additional documentation that you would like us to consider, such as a current appraisal, please include that as well. To ensure that we have adequate time to process the information submitted, please return all requested documentation by April 1, 2019.

      Please visit our website (www.leepa.org) for additional information and links to the DOH and CPSC. If you have further questions please feel free to contact me by telephone at (239) 533-6125 or by email at Chinesedrywall@leepa.org.


      Tabatha Hipp
      Senior Tax Roll Analyst

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